Welcome to Indian Institute
of Sindhology

Indian Institute of Sindhology, Adipur-Gandhidham is the premier institute in India for the preservation of Sindhi culture. For giving a proper shape to the idea, several symposia were held with the active participation of a number of well known scholars, writers and educationists of Sindhi Language.

Established in October, 1989, the Indian Institute of Sindhology (I.I.S.) is a centre for advanced studies and research in the fields related to Sindhi Language, Literature, Education, Art and Culture. From its inception, it has concieved the idea of developing itself into a Cultural University.

Its primary aim is to preserve and promote the Cultural heritage of Sindhi Community and ensure its continuity by disseminating it in the younger generation. The Indian Institute of Sindhology is established under a Registered Trust. The Trust looks after the policies and programmes of the Institute.


Appeal for Funds

In establishing Sindhi Cultural University for promotion and preservation of Sindhi language, literature, art, culture and heritage, please contribute generously through cheque / draft in favour of Indian Institute of Sindhology, Adipur.