Dictionaries & Encyclopedia

The department of Lexicography – to prepare dictionaries (Bi-lingual, Tri-lingual etc.) and to compile Encyclopedia about Sindhi language, literature and Sindhi life.

Vocal Culture

The department of Vocal Culture – to pursue young generation to take part in various cultural activities and to train young artists, as well organise their programmes to Music, Dance and Drama.

Promotion of Sindhi Language

The department of Education – to conduct Sindhi language classes, prepare teaching material and also to train teachers.

Folk lore Collection

The department of Folk-lore to collect and preserve the folk music, folk tales, folk dance etc.

Field Surveys & Research about Sindhis

The department of Higher Education & research – to motivate Sindhi students for higher studies, particularly for civil services examinations & to conduct various surveys about sindhi community.


The department of Publication – to publish literary magazines, bulletins, the research papers, monographs and books of outstanding literary merit.

Personality Development Course

The department of Personality Development – to conduct the course of personality development for children and youth for their overall development.


The name Maleer creates the feeling of longing for one’s own land and heritage. A village on three acres of land is set up to provide conductive environment to the Writers, Artists & Scholars who are settled in this village. The Indian Institute of Sindhology and Maleer would play a significant role in developing Gandhidham as the cultural hometown of Sindhis.

Seminars and Workshops

Organise Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and Conference and bring Scholars, Writers and Artists in various fields on a common platform to interact and share their views.

Translation of Works

Translate significant Sindhi works in English and other Indian languages to acquaint other communities in India and abroad about the culture of Sindhis and significance of Sindhi literature.