Bhai Murij as I know him

BHAI is the most endearing term, affixed before the names of distinguished Sindhu Varkis, who have earned the respect of Community, like Bhai Pratab, Bhai Gopaldas and others. Bhai Murij too is the member of that Vanishing Sindhuvarki tribe, who set the high standards of honesty and credit worthiness. They earned millions and billions of rupees with their business acumen and spent chunk of it for public welfare.

The old guard of Sindhuvarkis had imbibed a distinct Sindhi Culture which they inherited from their ancestors. It stood them in good stead, in time of crises, while trading on foreign lands. They surmounted all the hardships, in making deals with foreign buyers and ploughed back the profits to the shares of Sindh, making it rich.

I find one common bond between Bhai Murij and myself. We both love this Sindhi town of Gandhidham deeply. Bhai could have built his palatial bungalow for his Winter retreat either at Ulhasnagar or at Pune. But he chose Gandhidham. I too left my lucrative business at Calcutta for good, to nestle here amongst the fellow Sindhi Writers, artists and educationists in our village named “MALEER”. The Warmth, this Sindhi township exudes, the love and affection our brethren shower, is quite exhilarating. The reason could be the invigorating air, we breathe which comes from across the border of Sindh, the water we drink, which reaches us through many of its subterranean tributaries. it is the firm belief of the locals, that this elixir enhances the longevity of life by atleast ten years.

Bhai Murij comes to Adipur every year during the end of December with his family and friends and stays here for 10-15 days. He takes complete rest in this relaxed cosy atmosphere. Adipur is free from all type of pollution and pace of life is easy, bereft of the hustle and bustle of the city life with its hectic neck break speed.

During his stay at Adipur, Bhai Murij does not wish to keep a car or hire a taxi. He prefers to take leisurely walk around the town. On his way, he acknowledges the greetings of all and sundry. Everyone knows him personally, more so because of his friendly disposition. The people of the town are well aware of education and medical care. After Bhai Pratab and Kaka Prabhudas Tolani, Bhai Murij, has been the most benevolent friend of Gandhidham. Many organisations receive liberal contributions from him, during his annual sojourn. The town of Gandhidham has recognized his invaluable services. He is on the Board of Directors of Sindhu Resettlement Corporation Ltd., Vice President of Maitri Mandal and Chairman of Indian Institute of Sindhology/Bharati Sindhu Vidyapeeth.

Bhai Murij is especially fond of Sindhi literature, music, dance and drama. He is keen that a Sindhi Cultural University is set up soon, so that we can preserve our Cultural heritage, as well imbibe the love for literature and fine arts amongst the new generation of Sindhis. He is of the firm view that the refinement of character comes throught the culture, and not through the bagfulls of money.

Bhai Murij shuns the religious bigotry which breads intolerance. He also avoids all the trendy Gurus of many hues, who have mushroomed overnight.

I’ve found Bhai Murij, very meticulous in his dealings in his day to day affairs. I admire his time management, analytical mind, and above all courtesy in human relationship. He is free from hypocrisy, and practices what he preaches.

These are the rare qualities in this man of caliber. He treats others as his equal, and, respect others’ dignity and self-esteem. He always utters word “Thou” and not ‘You’, while addressing others, including those much lower in rank.

I only wish the tribe of such Sindhu Warkis of charm and inborn grace may increase. With persons like Bhai Murij, the ship of Sindhyat shall sail smoothly. A true Sindhi is one who believes his salvation comes through the salvation of whole humanity !

Author : Lakhmi Khilani
 Sindhiyat and Role of Sindhology– Dr. Satish Rohra