Indian Institute of Sindhology

Indian Institute of Sindhology, Adipur-Gandhidham is the premier institute in India for the preservation of Sindhi culture. From its inception, it has conceived the idea of developing itself into a Cultural University. For giving a proper shape to the idea, several symposia were held with the active participation of a number of well known scholars, writers and educationists of Sindhi Language.

Our Mission
  • Promote Sindhi Language
  • Preserve Vocal Culture

Established in October, 1989, the Indian Institute of Sindhology (I.I.S.) is a centre for advanced studies and research in the fields related to Sindhi Language, Literature, Education, Art and Culture. Its primary aim is to preserve and promote the Cultural heritage of Sindhi Community and ensure its continuity by disseminating it in the younger generation.

Aim & Objectives
  • Promote Sindhi Language by conducting classes, preparing teaching material and training teachers etc.
  • Develop Reference Library by collecting and preserving manuscripts, historical documents and rare books to facilitate advanced studies and research in various fields concerning Sindhi Language, Literature, Art, Culture etc.
  • Preserve Vocal Culture through Music, Dance, Drama and encourage younger generation to participate in the cultural activities
  • Collect and collate Folklore to preserve the vast cultural, social and historical information available in folk songs, folk tales etc.
  • Organise Seminars, Symposia, Workshops and Conferences and bring Scholars, Writers and Artists in various fields on a common platform to interact and share their views.
  • Prepare Dictionaries and Encyclopedia for preservation of present form of Sindhi language and also compile and computerize all information related to Sindh and Sindhis for future reference and retrieval.
  • Translate significant Sindhi works in English and other Indian Languages to acquaint other communities in India and abroad about the culture of Sindhis and significance of Sindhi literature.
  • Conduct field surveys and research projects relating to socio-linguistic and educational aspects of the community to make data and conclusions available for proper planing and future development.
  • Publish books and periodicals including research papers and proceedings of Seminars etc.
  • Establish centres of Indian Institute of Sindhology in the country and abroad for promoting cultural unit of community.

The Indian of Sindhology is established under a Registered Trust. The Trust looks after the policies and programmes of the Institute.


Currently Indian Institute of Sindhology functions from the premises of Sadhu Hiranand Navalrai Academy. The Institute has plans to construct a University Complex. The Building is conceived to reflect the composite culture of India and the best of ancient and contemporary Sindhi Culture.


The Institute functions with the contribution received from well wishers and also project related grants from Government/Semi Government agencies. The institute proposes to build to Endowment Fund to achieve its objectives.