Sindhi cultural University Adipur-Gandhidham
BHARATI SINDHU VIDYAPEETH (A brief outline of a Cultural University)

Indian Institute of Sindhlogy, Adipur-Gandhidham is the premier institute in India for the preservation of Sindhi language and culture. From its inception, it has conceived the idea of developing itself into a Culture University. For giving a proper shape to the idea, several symposia were held with the active participation of a number of well known scholars, writers and educationists of Sindhi language.

The need for such a University has arisen due to the fact that in India, Sindhi community does not have its own exclusive geographical territory for the proper and overall development of its language, literature, education, art and culture.

It is visualised that on one hand this University will have the academic activities like research and advanced learning and on the other hand, it will function as a cultural center for the community. Obviously for that reason, the Institutes will become the model of its own.

The Bharati Sindhu Vidyapeeth will be a secular, non-sectarian and an open International University, which may conduct the courses and programmes in a regular manner or through correspondence and contact or in any other suitable manner.

    Broad activities and programmes of the Bharati Sindhu Vidyapeeth will be as under :-
  • To conduct courses on the subjects like – Comparative Cultures, Sindhi Folk Lore, Sindhi Language and Literature, Musicology, Ancient Sindhi Culture, Teachers’ Training, Personality Development, Sindhi Handicrafts, Sindhi Entrepreneurship, Diplomacy & Foreign relations etc.,
  • To provide facilities for research in the fields related to Sindhi language, literature, art and culture;
  • To develop museum with a view to present a historical perspective and projection of Indus Valley Civilisation;
  • To set up an Art & Craft Gallery to present the exhibits related to the Art and Craft of Sindh – Kutch region;
  • To publish magazines, bulletins, monographs, encyclopedia, dictionaries, rare books and any other relevant material;
  • To hold Seminars, National and International Conferences, Workshops and Training programmes; &
  • Any other activity related to achieve its aims and objectives.

The University is being managed by a Board of Directors who are renowned educationists, sociologists, Cultural experts. At present following persons are on the Board of Directors.

Sr. No. Name Position Location
1 Dr. Ram Buxani Chairman Adipur
2 Dr. Satish Rohra Vice-Chairman Adipur
3 Dr. Devendra Kodwani Member London
4 Prof. H.K. Kripalani Member Adipur
5 Dr. C.J. Daswani Member Delhi
6 Dr. Subhadra Anand Member Mumbai
7 Shri Sugnaram Ladkani Member Adipur
8 Shri Lakhmi Khilani Member Adipur
9 Shri Sahib Bijani Member Adipur
  • The University has made a humble start by collaborating with Sindhi Sangat to prepare a C.D rom entitled ‘Let’s learn Sindhi’ a computer friendly C.D. By using it, one can learn Sindhi Language without a teacher.
  • Another C.D of Sindhi idioms and proverbs sponsored by Sindhi Sangat Dubai is under preparation in collaboration with the Cultural University.
  • A project of Correspondence Course in Sindhi has been taken up with active support from Central Institute of Indian Languages. The first part of the project as ‘Sindhi Script Book’ has already been published; the second part of the project. ‘The Sindhi Language book’ is under preparation and will be published soon.
  • The Institute is initiating an M.A. course in Sindhi, which is expected to be recognized by Kutch University.
  • The Institute is also planning to start the Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Performing Arts’ (Drama and Music) and also Post Graduate Diploma in Heritage Preservation

To develop the present Indian Institute of Sindhology into a University, a fund of Rs. 50 crores is required in phases over 5 years period. Out of this, an amount of Rs. 10 crores will be kept as a Corpus fund which will earn the interest to be utilised for meeting the running expenses. The remaining amount of Rs. 40 crores is required to purchase land, construct various buildings, provide fixtures, furnitures, equipments, including computers etc.

We hope that some Sindhi philanthropists, Charitable Organization, Trusts or Foundations, will come forward to take the financial responsibility of the Bharati Sindhu Vidyapeeth – A Cultural University.



Cultural University Development Board

I.I.S. Adipur