Indian Institute of Sindhology shall very soon set up a Museum to display all the articles depicting Sindhi Culture. The aim is to make the new generation of Sindhis aware of their rich Cultural Heritage, through various arts like Literature, Music, Dance, Drama, Handicrafts and also total way of life of Sindhi Community depicted in paintings etc. Sindhology has already collected many items of....

  • Embroidery
  • Jandi Woodwork
  • Utensils of different metals
  • Music instruments
  • Sindhi Ajraks, Bed spreads etc.
  • Leather Work
Art Gallery

More than thousand photographs and paintings in the art gallery display the history, geography of Sindh as well Culture of Sindhi Community along with portraits of prominent Sindhi personalities and the places of Sindh, it has been divided in following sections at present :

  • Mohen-jo-Daro
  • History of Sindh
  • Sindhi Renaissance
  • Participation of Sindhis in Freedom struggle
  • Leaders who participated in Sindh’s separation from Bombay presidency.
  • Sindhi Martyrs
  • Sindh Assembly
  • Stage Artists
  • Jhulelal’s Amar Chitra Katha
  • Shah – Sachal – Sami
  • Saints of Sindh
  • Sufis of Sindh
  • Sindhi Writers
  • Sindhi Members of Parliament
  • Prominent Sindhis, awarded Padam Shri & Padam Bhushan