Indian Institute of Sindhology
History & Objectives

Rabindranath Tagore, the eminent Indian Poet & Nobel Laurate has rightly said that, “The aim of the education is to enable the mind to find the truth, own it and express it, as well.”

Indian Institute of Sindhology took it seriously and resolved to bring great poet’s ideas into reality. Being practical, it started a school named ‘Sadhu Hiranand Navalrai Academy’, after two prominent Sindhi reformists and educationists of Sindh, Sadhu Hiranand and Sadhu Navalrai. This School was started on the very auspicious day – Sadhu Vaswani’s Birthday on 25th November 1992. The academy was inaugurated by our friend and patron Mr. Chellaram Kriplani (Singapore), along with Mr. Vikyomal Shroff (Dubai) and Ms. Shanti Gehani (Mumbai).

This School has been established with the broad objectives as given below :

  • To impart education in a manner that the children unite with their cultural roots,
  • To provide moral education for character building,
  • To introduce most modern tools and methods in teaching,
  • To make leaders of future society, by inculcating in them the value of time management and tolerance towards others,
  • To emphasise the need for practical experience rather than rely on theory alone,
  • To aim at all round development of the child.
School Building

A spacious building on a plot of 4.6 acres, surrounded by trees and plants with a large playground for games and sports has been built.

Academic Activities

The student participation in curricular activities has become an integral part of education. It contributes to the development of the total personality of the child by inlulcating a sense of responsilbilty and discipline in him. With this aim in view, the House Leaders, Deputy Leaders. Prefects, Head Boy, Head Girl, Secretary for Sports and Secretary for Cultural Activities, are elected from among the students to provide leadership to the groups under them. They form the Students Council which meets periodically to discuss their common problems and conduct various activities.

Co-curricular Activities

Regular periods for games and physical training are provided in the time-table under the supervision of qualified Games and Physical Education Teachers. Students are encouraged to have friendly Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Karate and Cricket matches with other School teams.The students are occasionally taken out on picnics and educational trips. Parents are normally informed and their consent obtained, in advance. Teachers supervise and conduct such outings only after adequate arrangements have been made. During the summer vacation, special sessions in personality development, Public speaking, Dramatics, Cookery, Typing, Computers, Art and Craft, Woodwork and games are held for one and half month with a view to train students in fruitful activities under the supervision of resource personnel. Nominal fees are charged for these extra classes.

Others School Transport
  • This facility is provided on an early basis to desirous students on nominal payment, on routes decided by the school. No new bus stops are provided, unless there is a sizeable number of students.
  • It is the responsibility of parents to see that children are made to board the bus and escorted home on the return journey, in the afternoon, from the respective bus stops.
  • If there is no one to pick the child (from the Nursery to class I, in particular) at the bus stop, the child will be brought back to the school and either of the parents will have to come and escort the child home. This will be FOLLOWED STRICTLY.
  • No request from the parents to drop their children at a bus stop other than the one allotted, will be entertained. No student will be allowed to board any other bus except his/ her regular one.
  • If the school buses are not sent on their rounds for picking up their children from their bus stops, parents please take it that the school is observing a holiday due to certain unforeseen circumstances.
School Fee Concession

More than 75 students are granted school fee concession on regular basis, thanks to liberal donations received from M/S Bhagwandas Sujanani Trust & Mr. Nari Odhrani, both from Dubai and also from M/S Melwani Trust

Board of Directors appreciate their gesture and thank them warmly.

Board of Directors – S.H.N.Academy

A separate Board of Directors is looking after S.H.N.Academy

The names of the Directors are mentioned below :

Sr. No. Name Position

Dr. Ram Buxani


Dr. Satish Rohra

Vice Chairman

Prof H.K.Kripalani


Mr. Lal Hardasani


Mr. Rajan Sujanani


Shri Nari Odhrani


Prof Pritam Varyani


Shri Ashok Daryani


Shri Lakhmi Khilani


Shri Suresh Varandani


Shri Kamal Nihalani


Ms. Sarla Abichandani


The school has been recognised by Govt. of Gujarat and follows Gujarat Education Boards’ syllabus.

It has classes from Play House to XII (General Stream)

Noteworthy Results of the Board Exams:

Gujarat S.S.C. ( X ) Exam. Result

Batch Year Percentage
2003-04 100%
2004-05 100%
2005-06 85%

Gujarat H.S.C. ( XII ) Exam. Result

Batch Year Percentage
2005-06 ( 1st Batch ) 100%
Board Result 2014-15

On 4th June, 2015 result of Gujarat Secondary & Higher Secondary was declared, and the result of SHN Academy is quite impressive, considering the total result of the board.

Results of SHN Academy
class Students Appeared Pass Fail Pass %
X 42 34 08 80.95%
XII 19 17 02 89.47%
First three rankers (X) of SHN Academy were follows:
Gyanchandani Vishal Kishor
Percentile : 97.25
Sharma Leena Mahendra
Percentile : 96.28
Bhardhva Riddhi Parvinkumar
Percentile : 96.02
First three rankers (XII) of SHN Academy were follows:
Asnani Kiran Govindram
Percentile : 97.58
Keswani Suman Murli
Percentile : 94.93
Chandnani Anjali Laxmandas
Percentile : 93.82
Board Result 2015-16

On 26th May, 2016 result of Gujarat Secondary & On 28th May, 2016 result of Gujarat Higher Secondary was declared, and the result of SHN Academy is quite impressive, considering the total result of the board.

class Students Appeared Pass Fail Pass %
X 49 37 12 76%
XII 21 18 03 86%
First three rankers (X) of SHN Academy were follows:
Tilwani Simran Hansmukh
Percentile : 97.00
Tilwani Kajal Tulsidas
Percentile : 95.30
Malani Aman Ashok
Percentile : 94.44
First three rankers (XII) of SHN Academy were follows:
Manisha M. Sharma
Percentile : 95.39
Kiran Paryani
Percentile : 88.35
Sanjay Kewalramani
Percentile : 87.63